The Abercrombie Hotel, formerly known as the Australian Hotel, was built in 1938. The Australian Hotel was one of four originally included in the old Tooth and Company Brewery site, which later became Carlton United Brewery in the mid-1980s. The name was later changed to the Abercrombie Hotel when it was host to a “motley crew” of Fairfax journalists and Carlton United Brewery staff, before closing in 2014.


Before closing in 2014 The Abercrombie birthed formative memories of generations of Sydney partiers. It was the home of scene-defining parties like indie icon Purple Sneakers and S.A.S.H. It played host to underground parties by crews like HAHA, Picnic and Strange Fruit.  In 2016 Vice publication written by Nick Jarvis put a call out to a bunch of crews who used to throw parties at the Abercrombie to hear their favourite memories. 


Kerry Wallace (founder, S.A.S.H)

"I remember one day during S.A.S.H on a Sunday about five or six o'clock in the afternoon it started pouring with rain. Some people scurried inside to avoid getting wet (most didn't move) but those that did were certainly surprised when they entered the Abercrombie to find the entire downstairs dancefloor flooded. Not only was it flooded, but it was full of people dancing in ankle high water! No one left and it only added to the atmosphere of the day… God bless our Abercrombie."


Martin Novosel (founder, Purple Sneakers)

"I don't think about the past very much, but when I do think about the Abercrombie, I think of all the good people who were congregating together there and later went on to do amazing things."