LIL SIS Groups & events

Lil Sis is the perfect venue for your celebration event. Chippendale’s go-to wine bar and shop, inspired by the charming  ‘cave à vins’ found in the neighbourhoods of Paris. Please see Lil Sis' group & event booking options below and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


30 Capacity | Seated


Let us wine and dine you and your guests the way we know how – complete with impeccable table service, delicious wine and food to match. Enjoy our house music and bring your own decorations to dress up the tables – chat to our event planner to see what’s possible.

60 Capacity | Seated


Discover the art of celebration at Lil Sis Wine Bar with our exclusive private events option. Allow us to pamper you and your guests with our signature touch, featuring impeccable table service, a delectable selection of wines and cuisine, all harmonized by our house music vibes. Personalize your soirée with your own decorations.